LUZIA DVD Lands in Show’s Boutique – Possible Online Launch in Time for Holidays

During our visit to Montreal for our CirqueCast Luzia episodes back in May, we were informed that the show was being filmed for DVD release at a later time. This meant the DVD would be sold earlier than we are used to for newer shows (if they even release a DVD at all). Earlier this week, a photo of what seems to be the DVD case circulated amongst the Cirque du Soleil fan communities, which sparked rumors that we are nearing it’s official release.

Luzia DVD case

Possible Luzia DVD case. Photo courtesy of CirqueAR.

We’ve reached out to Cirque du Soleil and they’ve confirmed the LUZIA DVD has been officially released at the San Francisco premiere. For now, it is only available at the show’s boutique, but we were told to keep an eye on the online store as it may be available in time for the holidays. No specific dates were provided, though.